Sunday, February 10, 2013

Then and Now


Yesterday I sat down with one of my oldest scrapbooks and flipped through a couple of pages. I guess everyone has to start somewhere. I started with one of those "1,000 pcs!!" kits that they sell at Wal-Mart shortly after I found my first LSS (Local Scrapbook Store).I bought a few items and a pair of decorative scissors and I sat down to record history, My history. 

Those first few pages are not what I would call my "best work". Far from it actually and even though I am one of those people who will take the photos off of a layout and re-do it I just can't seem to do that to those first pages. Today I took one of them outside with me while I was photographing my latest layouts and took a picture. 
My husband in in his chubbiest of times. SHH!! Don't tell him, he hates that picture.
So, what do we have here. A very lopsided decorative circle in the corner with some vellum stickers and silver flourishes. A glassine type envelope with a quote on it. Very crooked plastic letter stickers and My handwriting because I ran out of letters. Oh yeah, Those squares on the side over there, Mirrored Mosaic Tiles...I don't even know where those came from. So despite my tendency to tear my pages apart and start from scratch this page will remain safely hidden safe.


Now, onto things of a more current nature. I have gotten Three layouts done in four days. I know, Right!?! That's Crazy for Me. This one here is one of me and Jack last summer while we were walking Chloe. (You can find her (Chloe) about two posts back, if you want to know her story.) So I started with a little inspiration in the form of this Layout by Marcy Penner.

And then I jumped in with both feet. I am still getting the hang of mists. Can't seem to make them look right but still use them all the time. Before I go through all the details, I guess I can show you the layout. ;)

Yes, Those are Jesus Jones Lyrics for the title!!                                 
So, I used some Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Thickers, Some paper from a Basic Grey that I have had for at least two years, October Afternoon Mini Market Alpha and a Mistable Camera sent to me in a swap from Ising.

The little green strip on the side is from a SMASH Pad.
It says Coolness Rating 1-10.
I tried to keep the same photo grid concept that Marcy used in her layout. I also added the heart tag in the corner so that the page wouldn't seem so blank. I wish I could have found some washi in one of the greens or close so that I could have added a border around the page *(top and bottom).

Stamping under the tag at the top made me realize that I need some new ink. Something that will leave a sharp image. I think someone said Versa Mark was good for leaving a crisp image. I am going to be sad when I run out of those Thickers. I think they are my favorite alpha EVER!!! 

Have you kept any of your first pages? Do you still have any of those old supplies in you "Scrap Pantry"? Do you know of an Ink that leaves a crisp clear image?
Leave me a comment below. 

Thats all for today Folks, and I hope you will tune in next week for the newest edition of Paper for People. ::Smile:: 

~Ashley Crafty~


  1. I love seeing your past and present style. Kudos to you for trying mist. I haven't made the leap yet.

    Thickers are my true obsession. I just picked up 2 new packages yesterday.

    Thanks for sharing your layouts!

    1. Thanks Fawn, You can never have enough Thickers. I actually asked my husband for some for my birthday. My best suggestion for trying mists...start with lots of scrap paper and mark each spray with the technique you ised to make it.

  2. It is so fun to look back at old pages and see the way our scrapbooking has changed over the years.

  3. Fun to revisit those old pages. I don't think I will ever redo mine. I think of it as my scrapbooking history and I like to see the things in those old pages that I still like and do. On to the next I say! TFS...such a fun post!! xo Evie

    1. I do have about 20-25 of those old pages I won't touch. I will post another Then and Now next sunday. I like to use some of those older pages kind of like sketches.

  4. It's always fun to look back at our "older" work. In fact, there's a thread on the Pub board at 2Peas that asks you to post your first layout and your latest. Fun stuff! :)

  5. Such a wonderful page! I am a new follower of your blog -- and thanks for following me! I love StazOn ink most, but have also heard that Versafine is good too. I have been scrappin' since I was 13 years old..and I'm 26 now. I have piles upon piles of finished books and I love them. I will never go back and "redo" them and I am proud to have them out where people can see. It is neat to see how my style has evolved over time. I guess I didn't know anything better at the time! :) Excited to be a follower of you blog :)

    1. Andrea,
      Thanks for followimg me. Thans for the tip on the inks, I have just gotten brave enough to statt stamping on my layouts. I have only done 52 layouts...EVER!! I started scrapping when I was 22 and took a break until last year. I keep tbose early pages for the same see my personal development. ....Ashley


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