Sunday, January 27, 2013

Misting the Day Away--A Tutorial

Mists have been a big trend this year, from ink blot dots to a fine mist over the entire page.. Studio Calico and Prima both have beautiful masks that can really bump up your pages.  Being on a limited budget however I can't afford to get every color I would like. So I have a couple of recipes that will help you create those custom colors to make your project stand out from the rest. 

So I present to you 3 recipes for different "mists" each with different effects and costs.  

The first is a shimmer spray without color. You can use this to add a beautiful sheen to anything and I do mean anything. I have taken to spraying die cuts and flowers with this one. This is the least expensive of the recipes and can be made with 2 purchases.  

You will need:
  1. A fingertip Sprayer ($1 at Walmart)
  2. Perfect Pearls
  3. Water
Take and fill your fingertip sprayer about 3/4 of the way full. Add one scoop of perfect pearls and shake. That simple.
I suggest that you only use perfect pearls for any of these recipes as Perfect Pearls is the only glitter/shimmer product that I know of on the market that contains its own binding agent. With any other pearl product the sheen will rub off as you touch the elements.  

For the second recipe you will add only a Re-inker. 

You will Need:
  1. A Tim Holtz Re-inker (I used Worn Lipstick) 
  2. Perfect Pearls (I used Gold from the pastels collection)
  3. A fingertip sprayer ($1 @ Walmart)
  4. Water
Fill your Fingertip Sprayer 1/2 full of water, Any fuller and I find that the pearls do not want to mix in as well. Add one scoop of Perfect Pearls and start adding ink until you reach the opacity that you like. 

With the Barn-Door Re-inker I use 10 or so drops for a medium-dark spray. Use less or more of the ink and you will not only change the opacity but also the color. Worn Lipstick will go pink (5-6 Drops) to a Deep Red (12-14 Drops) 

I prefer Distress Re-Inkers from Adirondack but you can use any one of the hundreds of re-inkers on the market. 

Now for the third recipe. (Also my favorite).

You will Need:
  1. Dr. PH Martins Bombay Ink Set
  2. Fingertip Sprayers  
  3. Water
  4. Perfect Pearls (If you want shimmer)

This recipe is the same as the one above only you will add two drop at a time into the sprayer of water and shake after each set of drops. I suggest two sprayers because once you start mixing and finding the sheer number of colors possible you will want to make more. This ink is some of the most vibrant and versatile of any ink I have come across. This is not stamp ink but an artists pigment and pen ink which means that the colors are true and very mixable. My favorite color combination so far is to add the 9 drops of teal and 3-4 white into a sprayer less than half full of water. This results in a opaque ocean blue. 
Dr. PH Martin's Bombay India Inks can get rather pricey at about $30 for the color wheel seen above. However @ DickBlick.Com you can buy each color individually for about $3 a bottle. And one bottle will last a long time using them for mists/sprays. I will be adding photos of some of the projects that I used these sprays on to the gallery page @  

So tell me what you think. Do you have another "recipe" for a Mist? Have you tried any of these before? Let me know in the comments section below. I would love to try them out. 

~Ashley Crafty~

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