Monday, January 28, 2013

My Chloe (Warning Sad Story With A Happy Ending)

I have never been one to talk much about my day to day life. Mainly because there is not much to say. I have no kids, so there are no silly sayings or crazy adventures. I work full time so when I get home it is straight to the PJ's, a little scrapping and bed.

That being said, I want to share a little bit of my life. Chloe. Chloe is my three year old Chihuahua and she has quite a story to tell.

One of my favorite pictures of a very sweet but goofy pup!!
One day a little over 3 years ago my fiancee's father went to pick out a building for the back yard. When he got back he started telling us of this little dog that was so happy to see him. She kept hopping in to his lap while he was talking to "guy".  Guy tells my fiancee's father that he can have "the thing" if he wants it. Well, not being in the market  not wanting a dog he tells the "Guy" no thank you and leaves.

Always so happy.
When he got home he decided that the dog needed a good home and that if we wanted her that he would call the guy and we could go get her. Of Course, I said yes. (being a sucker for dogs, especially small ones). I was not prepared however for what we would find when we got there. We came in and told "Guy" who we were and he proceeds to tell us about the 2 chihuahua's that he had that had gotten hit in the road in front of his house because they wouldn't stay in his yard. So he opens the backroom door and lets this 5 month old underweight chihuahua walking on a broken/deformed leg out of a room with a floor covered in animal feces excrement. She was so excited to be out of the cold room(no heat in December, metal building) she tinkled a little and jumped in my lap. So I proceed to ask the normal questions, Name, Age, Diet Etc. He tells me that she is 1 yr. old (later disproved by a vet) and that she will only eat Caesar's Wet Dog Food.

You can see her broken foot in this one. 
He proceeds to tell us that he had been trying to sell her but couldn't get rid of her.  We could tell there was something fishy and I was just glad to get her out of there. We get her home and give her a bath. She was not nervous at all about leaving. Which I found odd for a dog of that age. We took her to a vet the next day who told us she was 5 months old,  3 1/2 lbs. underweight. (for those with larger dogs that is a lot for a chihuahua) and that her paw/ankle had been broken about 3 months back and had gone untreated. We asked about correcting it but she told us that it would put her in a lot of pain since they would have to re-break it and that there was no telling if it would turn out for the best. That since it didn't seen to bother her that much that we should just leave it. We got her shots and took her home.She still wouldn't eat well until we switched her to dry food. Turns out the food was why she was so underweight. Being allergic to gluten and wheat ( a main ingredient in most wet food) she couldn't process it and was regurgitating most of it. After we switched to the dry food she put on weight like there was no tomorrow.

Any stack of pillows, Any freshly lain out blanket and she there.
So, This is the Story that Chloe has to tell. This is the story of the perfect dog from a man who shouldn't have had her. The love of our lives. Our Lovey Wuvey, Chloe Woey, Little Big Foot, Wuvey, Our Chloe. 

Our Photogenic Pup!!!
So that is the story of my Chloe.

~Ashley Crafty~


  1. Aww that's so awesome that you rescued her from that situation :)

    1. She was so pitiful, you wouldn't know it now looking at her. I've never understood how people can mistreat animals.


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