Sunday, March 24, 2013

Then and Now #2

I'm back with another "THEN and NOW". (I say in my best game show host voice)


 This one is from my first trip to a scrapbook store. I didn't even know there was such a thing.  Ahh, to be so naive! I stumbled in there and found such a magical world. Big rolls of stickers and bins full of tiny things that you could put in tiny glassine bags. So I bought these stickers and brads and went home and did the one thing that I still regret today....I took my decorative stickers to my pictures and I made a Layout. I think this may have been the second or third layout I ever made. And now in all it's Decorative edges Glory: 2 Peas in a Pod.

The yellow corduroy fabric brads were the first thing I knew I had to have. I really wish I could find some more of them now. I cut these pictures down so that I could fit three to a page. I really wish I hadn't done that now because these are the originals.  These pictures of me and my hubs were taken just weeks after we started dating. Oh, so happy!!


This layout was done last week while I was squirreled away in a hotel for work. I worked 100 hrs. in 8 days and I still brought my supplies with me. Dedicated Huh? Anyway this is a layout that I really, really, really like. Me & You-Tea for Two

The picture is from Walt Disney World in 1998. That is me waving with my brother tailing me. I saw these papers and this photo and normally I  am not big on the whole "your photos colors have to match the papers" thing but with this I just couldn't resist. The background paper is from Echo Parks-Sweet Day and the other paper are My Minds Eye-The Sweetest Thing. (That makes this layout SWEET!!) :)

The triangles were "Fussy Cut" from the Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic 6x6 paper pad, which took a lot longer than I thought it would. Then I put them on pop dots to make them stand out a little. Since the overall color scheme is very muted I thought they would just become part of the background if I left them flat.

The camera is from Amy Tangerine's Ready Set Go line and the banner is from Pink Paislee's Cottage Farms. (I won some from 2peas before its release date)

Dear Lizzy Foam Thickers in turquoise/green...I don't know what you would call that color. I love the pink teapot in the photo and how it really stands out with the pink in the papers. 

This is the top right corner. Most people (that I have noticed anyway) tend to put their clusters in the top left but it looks off if I try to do it that way. The grey washi tape is from Recollections (Micheal's Brand). I love this Washi tape. It goes with everything!!

The last thing I did was add the pink measuring tape down the side. I don't know why so don't ask it just felt right. :)

So that's it for another episode of Then & Now...Tune in next time for another layout from way back when vs. the one I just made (Again in my best Game Show Voice)

Do you know where I can find some corduroy fabric brads? Do you now the name of that color on the Thickers? Did you ever cut your photos up with Decorative Scissors, and if so Do you regret it now? Leave me a comment. I love hearing from you!!


  1. Fantastic layouts! Both of's fun to see how far scrapbooking has come over the past few years... I look back at mine and have to stop myself from 'ripping them apart' ...I will admit that some do get a complete 'overhaul'... Love all the amazing detail in the second! Unfortunately, I can't help you out with your first two questions...and no, even though I HAD every decorative scissor know to mankind, I NEVER cut my photos {or much else} with them. :) - Jazz

    1. I have torn some of them apart. But the ones I do are part of a bigger story so now that I am scrapping again I want to put them in lne wirh the rest of the photos from said event. Lucky you...I still have 10 pairs of deco scissors and sometimes I am tempted to use them. Just not on my photos!!!

  2. I love your new LO. Your old LO is such a great "I am new to scrapbooking" example. Why is it that we all put all the LO elements so far apart when we began?

    1. Thanks Bea. I think we all thought that we had to take up all the empty space between photos.

  3. I got into scrapbooking right after the trend of cutting up your photos with patterned scissors was popular...whew!! I still think your first layout is charming and it is fun to see how you still love those yellow brads!! Your new layout is wonderful! Love how you placed the washi tape at an angle and the repetition of triangles! :) Evie

    1. Lucky You!! Thank you and I look every where I can for more of those yellow brads.

  4. Cute - I love all those triangles! x


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